making noodles with my hair 

1 minute and 30 seconds
super 8 film

An Asian woman in America is a perfect object of desire. They are controllable, subservient, and exotic.  Coming at crossroads to all the rules that govern appropriate behavior and speech, I felt compelled to respond to my identity as a Chinese-American woman.  making noodles with my hair is a tangible, visual manifestation of emotional response through performance to the relentless questioning of cultural identity and female power. Virgin hair -- the long, silk and jet-black -- speaks for modesty and feminity. I curate a performance where hair is painted with red acrylic, then cut, then assembled into noodles resembling zha jiang mian, then swallowed. My performance is a 1:30 film with no sound. The absence of narration is crucial to highlight the conceived conventional image of a Chinese women lacking agency.   Gender exists in any power structure. Asain women are stripped from their own agency because they are objectified, commoditized, and hypersexualized. While existing gender scripts and cultural practices contribute to East Asian female inferiority, propagation of racial stereotypes, alongside consistent topological gendering and inhumane narcissistic womanizing of Asian women make violence against these women excusable. Viewing this piece as a whole, I intended to convey how important it is for Asian women to recognize their autonomy and to learn self-empowerment, not to accommodate for male desires, but rather for themselves.