big emotion

1 minute and 30 seconds
super 8 film

This work embodies the dangerous polarities of dual personality in a patient who struggles with bipolar disorder. The beginning of the work introduces first big emotion of the mania, which is exemplified by a woman in the background undergoing fast, repetitive talking. This first part of the film reminds us of the physiological changes that undergo psychosis; this area of mental state is effectively shown through the display of MRI images of brain patterns over time. The fast talking slowly fades away into sounds of confusion—which is achieved through a fusion of provocative sounds such as squeezing, alien whispers, disks sliding, muffled fuzz – a sort of entropic state to which a person experiencing an episode encounters. From lower octaves to higher octaves, the messy clamor transitions into an alarm that is simply not turned off, a metaphor of the panic attack experience where the patient explodes in fear, anxiety, and hopelessness. These sounds correspond to the red backdrop with multiple spaces of different shapes and shades of red moving in and out of the screen. Familiar sounds of mahjong shuffling is quickly heard in the background, then slowly fades away, to show the impulsivity and reckless of action as a result of the disorder.